St. Germain's & Sananda's messages
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Sananda: baptism of love

Tool: Michael & Uriel on healing

3-16-2006: Self responsibility

2-28-2006: the true Spirit of Nesara

2-7-2006: R: Go for your dreams, a shared true story

12-31-2005: Hatonn: the Spirit of NESARA

12-17-2005: Ashtar: why wait when you can be doing the will of God?

11-24-2005: Lord Kuthumi on intention setting

11-09-2005: St. Germain

10-12-2005: SaLuSa

10-07-2005: Ela of Arcturus

08-15-2005: St. Germain: endgame

06-06-2005: State of quo

05-24-2005: St. Germain: changes and sovereignty

04-23-2005: SolarLotus: NESARA and sovereignty

04-11-2005: Sananda: channelings, discernment and sovereignty

03-29-2005: Sananda: crucifixtion of power of mankind

12-20-2004: Sananda: particles of light; the true spirit of Christ's mass

02-12-2004: St. Germain on the treefold flame

09-11-2004: St. Germain on resolving ego-matters and past hurts

01-10-2004: Sananda on the month of October 2004

31-05-04: Sananda about trust and timing

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