Hello Dear.


Letís start again. And let we just test your connection with me, so if your are bothered with Hugo starting his computer (and a awful noise his one makes) then you know you have to practice your concentration.

Funny. I am glad to be back again.

Yes life is boring 3D without some practice of the divine.

Thatís the difference between perspective or not.

You had problems with Hugo opening his can of beer.

You notice everything, donít you?

First of all, let me state I am not God. And yes, I am God. You know what I mean. If I was that far in my development I wouldnít be here, of service, but be God in service, one with God, without personality or task or individuality. I would have merged with God. And as I chose for now not to merge in favor of doing my task, in that manner of speaking, I am not God. But to answer your question: I see everything you give me permission to see. And considering your trust in me, and your task as part of the command, I see as much as I need as your commander.


As a matter of fact, as commander of the Ashtar Command, I see some scouts, people, or beings of my command in, upon your world becoming very tired from waiting. As a matter of fact, there is enough to do so waiting is not a good attitude. And if you are waiting for first contact it would be rather silly for you are our first, second or gazillionst contact with your world you are living now. Every one of my command upon your Earth is part of that contact. We are already with you upon Earth, takes to you and others.


Next part of your waiting: waiting till the good times come.

Great waiting that one, for that one comes when you make them happen.

And the good times come with awareness.

So why are you waiting when you have it all inside yourself? The good times are already here.


Next on waiting: if you are waiting, you are trusting a big force outside you to take over to get things done. So you want America to take over your country to set things right? Just a parable. But how do you know that America will do things good like you want them? No way. Taking things over is just like an invasion. It is a threat to free will and declares you as insufficient as a person and as world.


This is not what we are going to do. We help from inside you. Thatís why there are so many of you, people of my command, upon Earth, dedicated to help Earth with his or her growth. And thatís why an assignment in my command can take some million years to be fulfilled. Nothing to worry about, it is as it is.


So onto the next part of waiting. Are you waiting and complaining it takes so long?

What happened with your trust? Trust in yourself, trust in the will of God, the plan of God?

God needs helping hands, and thatís what we all are. Part of God, God being God, God expressing him/herself as part of experiencing God. So every one who is still waiting is just acting his ego.

Thatís the part who tells lies, who conjures illusions, who will do everything to keep you from being God. For in waiting, wandering, fooling, tricks with minds and senses, lies his life. It may not be a good life, but it is his life anyway, so he wants to keep it. And you listen to him? If thatís the matter, keep on waiting and dreaming and complaining and yearning, and wishing, and .... and..... and......

Meanwhile I will be off doing my will for God for thatís the thing we have in common: His and my will are one.


Have a God evening and see you soon again,

with love and blessings.