Wanted to share my own inspiring story, instead of one of those 'round robin' stories:


I met a man yesterday at a special screening of the 2nd Indigo film on his house-boat in Hampton Court. He seats about 10-12 normally, but yesterday there was only H & I booked in, for the early show, which we didn't know in advance. We also discovered no one had booked the later showing either, everyone wanted to go on Sunday. When we discussed it later we'd both thought, 'OK what's going to happen here then?' We were obviously meant to be there. Well, the film was hugely inspiring, the location was hugely inspiring...........but absolutely nothing compared to the inspiration from the man showing the film! We talked for hours, impossible if there'd been another showing.


He'd worked as an underground ticket collector for 18 years, living in East Ham (East London). Needing to keep his mind functioning, he researched & finally got a book published, to the huge inspiration of his colleagues - it gave them hope.


He'd also become interested in alternative stuff & one day at the Mind, Body, Spirit exhibition, he attended a lecture of Doreen Virtue, one of the leading authorities on angels. He was blown away by her. She spoke of upcoming workshops in USA & he knew he had to be there, wherever it was, however much it cost. So he went & hasn't looked back!


He'd become interested in alternative therapies & used to travel to Hampton Court (South West of London) for various treatments (lots of therapists around there seemingly). One day, the station newsagent (friend) brought the evening standard to him, showing him an article about Hampton court, thinking he'd be interested. This stunned him totally because it talked about house boats on a tiny island in Hampton Court, of which he knew nothing - except it had been a childhood dream to live on a house boat! He made enquiries & arranged to stay in the tiny B&B on the island, waking up on his birthday there, a few weeks later. He fell instantly in love with the place - completely! He called upon the angel of manifestation, telling him/her that since he was clearly meant to live here (otherwise why would they bring him there?) would the angel help manifest this dream please. Then he called upon the angel of abundance and asked for her/him to bring the abundance required to support him there, knowing it would cost a lot more to live in Hampton Court than East Ham.


He met one of the biggest property owners (a hard business woman) who had just one house boat vacant. It was again his dream, already decorated in his favourite colours, perfect size etc. She said she wanted money up front. He was honest & said he didn't have it yet, still had a house in East Ham which wasn't even on the market. She asked what he did, & knowing he couldn't say ticket collector (for he knew that wasn't to be his life any more) he found the words 'Angel Therapist' coming out of his mouth, then panicked in case she thought he was a nut. She took it on board. They decided they'd speak the next day.


He went into work & an old acquaintance of his showed up. 'How are you?' 'Well, lots of change coming up, maybe moving.' 'Where's your house / when can I see it / Perfect, I'll take it' All in the same day! He said he needed the money ASAP in order to buy the house boat - they couldn't arrange the whole thing, but could give him a deposit of £30k. He reported back to the owner that he'd sold the house & she could have £30.....? She was very impressed since 24 hours before it wasn't even on the market! She called him back & told him she'd arranged with her lawyer to take £30k as deposit & allow him to move in the following week!!! But, but, but.....he spluttered. And he did move in 1 week later, leaving the house vacant - the sale went through very smoothly. (He'd seen the article in June & moved in 1st August.)


He continued to work on the underground briefly - a very long journey. But, having asked the angel of abundance for support, he shouldn't have been surprised when the phone rang & someone asked if he worked with angels......! What exactly did he do? So, he thought & came up with a description of what he knew he could do. 'How much do you charge?' He asked the angels for help on this one......he received the answer, work in angel numbers, which are always repeated numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 etc. So he told the guy £33 for half hour, £55 for an hour. 'Can I book an hour please?' 'Certainly, I'll just check my diary'........!!!!’


And it rolled from there - word of mouth. He gave up his underground job within 2 weeks and hasn't looked back. He's now an angel therapist and a movie therapist, since he's an expert on movies. And he's so happy, living his dream!!


He says you have to go for your dreams, don't let 'not got enough money' hold you back - if you follow your dreams, your purpose, you will be supported. 'Not got enough money' shuts you down, keeps you trapped. Go for it!!!! I am!


And you don't have to pass this on to anyone - no great or dreadful things will befall you depending on your response! It's for you, with love.