St. Germain

16th March, 2006


Your experiences are all about learning self responsibility. The basis for this will be your spiritual understanding, and your response to life will undoubtedly be guided in this way. Do you follow others or decide your own path, and become the master of your destiny? It is true to say that people will settle for a life that they feel comfortable with and many take little out of it. Equally many give little back, but the lessons of life will direct you to the correct path if you will but take notice. Ask yourselves why your life at times seems out of your control, and why you often seem to be a victim of circumstances.

If you take life as it comes, that is fine, providing you have a sense of direction. Even so you need to have an objective, and if you listen to the prompting of your Guides and Higher Self you may discover what that is meant to be. Life is not aimless or without purpose, it is a series of experiences that you helped set up before you incarnated upon Earth. These will come your way regardless of what you do, because you have agreed to them beforehand. They will come and go, and it is to be hoped that you will take notice as to why they occurred. If you do not, the lesson might have to come back again, until the lessons are understood.

Sometimes you will play a part in someone else’s life that may not appear to have any bearing on yours. However, even if you are only on the outside looking in, consider if you were also meant to take something out of that experience. Much that occurs seems to be by chance or coincidence, but as is often pointed out all that happens is part of your well planned experiences. Without being able to see it from our side, you will not fully understand how the events in your life are so well organized. There are periods of little activity, but consider these to be opportunities to sit back and reflect on your life and where you are going.

Most people have their pipe dreams and know what they want from life. Usually it is freedom from worries and want, and instead happiness and peace. Remember that you are setting up your future all of the time, and it is that which you strongly desire that will eventually manifest. It may not come in this lifetime, and if it does it may not be exactly as you envisage. However, you create an energy that starts a process that will at some time become part of your life plan. Think for a moment how life goes in stops and starts, how you have periods of relative calm and it seems to be going your way. Then suddenly it can take another twist and your world can be turned upside down.

There would be no gain for you if your lessons in life did not confront you. Bear in mind that it is the experiences of life that take you ever onwards and through which you grow. See them as such, and perhaps they will seem less severe, and you can put them behind you once they are over. For your own good, you must let go of emotions that arise from some of the bitter experiences that come your way. Do not dwell on what could have been different, as the key points in your life have already been written for your benefit. You can say that with your freewill you wanted a different outcome, but see that also involved is the freewill of other people.

Most of your encounters are far reaching, but some are minor occurrences that happen and are cleared immediately. This can be likened to an argument that gets out of hand and becomes violent, and two people may exchange blows. You may then realize how silly and avoidable that incident was, and that instant karma had taken place. However, if you are one who is always aggressive, then more severe lessons will come your way in the course of time. You may well end up in prison, and perhaps that will be sufficient to teach you the lesson you needed.

Although you are approaching the end times, karma still operates and may for some seem even more severe. This is because there is little time left, and it is necessary to put your shortcomings behind you and move on. You can ignore your lessons, but they will keep coming back to you if you do. However, if you aspire to rise up and take the opportunities that abound at present, you will advance much more quickly. There is more help available than ever before, but I remind you that it does benefit you to ask for it and affirm your intentions to evolve.

There is a patterning of each individual that arises from the genetic coding that you all have. This is set in place to ensure that each life is expressed in a way that leads you along a pre-ordained path. It sets up skills, and shall we say intelligence according to the level that you need to get through life. If you planned to become a doctor of medicine, your latent skills would need to be programmed into your psyche. At the appropriate time they would be awoken, and you would successfully follow that path. Some of you come into life with very strong feelings connected with what you have done previously. Unless you are to follow the same path again, it will not be open to you and will be closed off.

Can you see now how well organized your lives are and how many people are involved in them? At any time you have several Guides, and these will change according to which stage of your life you are in. It may sound odd, but even failure is at times an intended part of your life experiences. If you can see it this way, perhaps you will understand that they are all intended to strengthen you. You are endowed with a will power that will see you though your trials and tribulations, that should be used to move on to greater achievements. We want you to succeed, but the most important factor is what you learn that can continue to lift you up.

I am St. Germain, and I can tell you that you will progress and achieve what you set out to, providing you understand that all experiences are for your evolution. Take them for what they are with no recriminations or regret, and always remember that you have agreed to your particular path. As you travel on, so many Dear Ones go with you and these are sometimes your loved ones who have gone before you. We ease your pain and disappointment, we envelope you in a loving balm and always our loving and transmuting energies are there for you to call upon.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey