St. Germain

9th November, 2005.




There is not far to go now before you see the benefits of all of your dedication and hard work. What on the outside seems an almost impossible task to remove your last cabal is now openly seen as taking place. There is very much happening at levels that you are unaware of, but sufficient for you to see the breaking up of an intransigent cabal that is normally used to having its own way. They seek the opposition to their agenda but find no one person or group that they can deal with. Instead they are confronted by many small groups and individuals that work to restore what has been taken away from the people. Moreover, they work within the law, although hounded by new draconian laws that are designed to take away their rights.


The dark have been so self-assured and arrogant that they have not noticed the grassroots movement growing by the minute. Now those of the Light are self-assured, and some are prepared to openly oppose attempts to cause further disruption. There is a realization that as the truth is surfacing it is leaking out like many holes in a dam, and the dark cannot stop it. The truth is a weapon that cannot be defeated, and it is revealing much that has been hidden for eons of time. Yet, what you learn about now is but the tip of the iceberg, of the history and activities of the Illuminati over many years.


The end of this story was written when the cycle was started thousands of years ago. It was always intended that you should be empowered to overcome the dark energies in time to move your reality onto a new path. The manner in which it was to be achieved has been left very much up to you. However, the power behind your movement is the answer to your pleas for peace. At no time have you been simply left to fight your battles alone. Always the Spiritual Hierarchy has overseen your development, and guided it towards a new civilization that reflects the growth in Light, and your desire to rise above the influence of the dark.


In the thick of the battle you would be forgiven for believing that you were fighting it alone. This has never been the case, and our influence has directed it so that you have not become completely immersed in the dark. The plan has always allowed for the outworking of energies that have engaged the Earth in conflict, and the clearing of such energies largely through your efforts. Your freewill to experience all aspects of duality has taken you to the depth, and back up again. Time has been called upon the activities of the dark, who now face the loss of their power base and their influence to continue their heinous plans.


What is encouraging for you is that you can see the cracks fast appearing in what was once an almost invincible force that threatened to take over the world. You have seen and taken part in a battle on many levels that has provided a lesson in how to handle the dark. Your experiences will have strengthened your resolve to stand up to it wherever it opposes the Light. Now you know that the power of Light has no limitations, and in your travels wherever they take you in the future it will be your protection.


Your evolution will have dramatically moved upwards through your many lives and experiences in this cycle. You immersed yourselves in the lower vibrations knowing that it would be a great challenge to rise up again. More importantly, you knew that it would give you a unique understanding of the ways of the dark. You can now take this knowledge with you on the next part of your journey, and it will enable you to serve others who do not have it. There is always a plan that goes much further than you are aware; and it is mapped out well into your future.


The extent of life forms similar to your own is beyond words, and wherever you travel in space it is teeming with them. Space is seemingly endless as are the higher dimensions, which also embrace parallel Universes of untold number. Life forms that would sometimes be unrecognizable to you abound everywhere, but there is one underlying constant and that is their source within the Creator. It would serve you well to remember that, when you see various types of ETs come to Earth in the very near future. As with you, the outer body is not the real life form, and it is simply to serve the functions necessary within their own environment. You will understand this from your own experience, and your history shows how the physical form will adapt to conditions as they change.


You have never been insignificant or lesser Beings except in your own reasoning. It is now time to accept that you are great Beings revered and honored for your undertaking to experience duality. No one would make light of it, and it took much courage and great faith on your part in the Hierarchy that elected to oversee your journey. You knew that your progress would always be followed, and that there would be a limit as to how far you fell. You also knew that no matter whatever happened there would always be a way back to the Light. Today you are leaving duality behind, as it has served you well just as you shall serve others through your experiences.


I am St. Germain, and I want you to understand that no one looks down upon you with anything other than great respect and appreciation for what you have undertaken. It is not being egotistical to give yourselves a pat on the back, and accept the accolades that are coming your way. You are powerful Beings of Light and have tempered your sword of Light in the cauldron of fire. You will carry that Light deep within the Universe, as you seek further experience in the Creator's realms. Know you that I am here for the same reason and we shall go on together in great Love and Light.


Thank you St. Germain.


Mike Quinsey