Ela of Arcturus

7th October, 2005


It is time to broaden your outlook, and realize that there is nothing new in the Universe. Wherever you go, whether it is to parallel Universes, into other dimensions, matter or anti-matter you will find the same thought forms manifest. All draw from the energy of Creator Consciousness that holds All That Is. When you take your experiences back to Source you enlarge it through your own expression of those energies. As you progress upwards and your own consciousness expands, so you are able to more directly tap into the Greater Consciousness until you become a part of it.

Even now, you are beginning to sweep the veils from your eyes, and in a comparatively short time you will achieve Superconsciousness. This is your pathway leading to Ascension, as you re-join that aspect of yourself that is your Higher Self. You will notice the changes in yourself as this final period unfolds, and many are already doing so now. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe, but it is a growth that gives the impression that you are expanding in all directions. With it comes a knowing of the greater purpose of creation.

You are gradually leaving the old you behind, as it has served its purpose to see you through the Cycle of Duality. The lower vibrations were necessary so that you could immerse yourself within them, and fully experience Spirit in Matter. That experience is about to be concluded, and there is only one direction to go, and that is upwards into the higher vibrations. This applies to everyone, as the movement is ever onwards and it is quite impossible to stand still.

Those who come to you were once at your present levels, and as you progress and serve the Will of God so you recognize the Oneness of All That Is. On Earth you have been very much left to make your own way forward, and Freewill has enabled you to follow whatever you desired. As you take your place again amongst your Brothers and Sisters of Light, so will you accept the Will of God quite readily. Peace and harmony within the vast regions of Light will become your home, and you will become Ambassadors of Light.

Some of you are accepting the idea that you are physical Angels. Just understand that Angels are just one form that exists in the multitude of creations within the Realms of Light. All are Beings of Light and possess the powers of creation, and it is a great Brotherhood of Love and continual creation that knows no bounds. Space such as you understand appears to have no limits, and therefore the expressions of Light are also unlimited.

I come from Arcturus which is a high expression of the Light, and we create from pure thought. Our realms are magnificent, and you would be struck by the beauty and harmony of all you see. Colors beyond your present knowledge, and forms that melt into one another in a most pleasant way so that there is nothing that does not appeal to the eye. There is a smoothness about everything that also emanates its own light, and the whole effect is one of living form. On Arcturus you will find that the consciousness of everything is working together, and there is not the slightest change in that relationship. Words are really inadequate to describe such beauty as we have, but some of you have started visualizing the crystal cities that we have.

As you go into the higher dimensions everything becomes more refined and beautiful. Even now in your minds you are lifting the vibration upon Earth, and you will see how it will be restored to its full beauty. The ugliness and despoiling of it will disappear as such low vibrations will be unable to exist in the new ones that are manifesting upon Earth now. Man has always striven for beauty, but there have also been periods when lesser conditions have existed. In duality you have been given free expression, and perhaps art is a good example of an area where your visions have shown what you have been through. All is thought and it still exists exactly as it originally came into being.

Dear Ones, once you made preparation for your Ascension, you will be able to visit many dimensions that are presently beyond your knowing. You will certainly be able to go into the immediate dimensions, and you will soon understand how creation is layered. As you go higher so it becomes more magnificent. Everyone is a co-creator with God, and there is no limit on your abilities to create. Your power will be such that it would presently be beyond your comprehension.

Know that you are great Beings about to reclaim your place in the higher dimensions. This is your destiny, and it is part of the plan that you shall rise up into greatness once again. This cycle of duality will have served you well as others will benefit from your experiences. It is a wondrous time to be upon Earth as you begin to take the final path home. So many Beings await the opportunity to come to Earth to be part of your celebrations, as your achievements are far beyond your present understanding. You are revered and much loved for what you have done for the ultimate good of others.

I am Ela of Arcturus and shall be one representative of the Star Nations to visit you in the near future. You are in unavoidable upheaval, but it shall not last much longer. Look to the future, and know you will be leaving all of the old behind. Wonderful times are beckoning and they shall manifest very soon. As one brother to another, I welcome you all into the Light of the One.


Thank you Ela

Through Mike Quinsey