12th October, 2005


We notice that you are beginning to understand what is meant when you are told that you do not live in your true reality. This is a desired development as it means that you no longer feel bound by your physical experiences or existence. You realize that it is transient and that there is nothing permanent about it. The soul matrix is allowing you to play a game of make believe, although it is taken very seriously. The purpose is to find out as much as you can of what it means to live in duality. Clearly experiences are not gained without some benefit to you, and whilst it is part of your growth the major benefit is to Human Consciousness as a whole.

What is happening is that you can now play your part without being pulled down. The worry and concern has now been overtaken by a feeling of acceptance, and this has allowed you to take the lessons of life with you. At the same time you can peacefully live in the space you have created around yourself, which allows you to clearly see what is taking place. You become more an observer and able to be calm and purposeful in the midst of much turmoil.

Being at One with everything is more your reality, and many are finding that they can sustain this condition. It is so beneficial to your health, to your ability to think calmly in a deliberate manner, and to mentally see with a clear mind’s eye what is really taking place. You are the Way-Showers and others soon note how calm you are, and how in emergencies that you never appear to get flustered. People start to realize that if one can do it, it is open to all and they try to emulate how you are. In these times of great changes this is the direction you are going in, and it is immensely helped by the incoming energies that are lifting your vibrations.

When you meet us, the one thing that usually strikes you is how calm we are and how our peaceful countenance enfolds you. You feel what we are, and it is so different to what you are used to and so more noticeable. We are those few steps ahead of you, but you are on the same path that will see you too like us, in a very short time. You could truthfully say that your evolution is being speeded up, and the Beings that control the energies being sent to Earth are driving you forward as fast as possible. The fact is that you have come so far in such a short time, that you are able to ground more energy than ever before. Think about your own situation prior to the Millennium, and I am certain many of you will admit to going forward in leaps and bounds where your personal development is concerned.

You are finding your real selves again, ones who are of the Light and in fact have never left it. It is just that it has been hidden away to allow you to experience duality to the fullest. Now that this period is drawing to a close, you are shedding the old and returning to your former glory. By the end you will be fully prepared for Ascension, and this is how you were when you first dropped into these lower levels of vibration. Do not deny yourself, you really are great Beings and to imagine you are anything less is to cling on to your old reality. A new way beckons and it is time to leave the old to make its mark in the history of this planet. It will be there for all eternity, as in reality nothing is ever destroyed.

You may have read that your solar system is being fully restored to its original condition. This includes Maldek, the missing planet, and this is possible because it still exists in the etheric realms. All planets will be restored, and on Earth you are experiencing a speeding up of the cleansing that must take place. You could say that you have had your fun, and now it is time to put your toys back in the cupboard and tidy up.

It is a paradox that, as on the one hand you know the changes are about to descend upon you, yet you carry on your daily life very much as before. There is not yet any real change in direction, but that will come with much re-organization in all of your lives. It is a strange situation for you to be in, but you are the key players upon Earth until we arrive. We continually urge you to keep your goal focused as you are instrumental in creating the right conditions for us. Remember that we cannot force ourselves upon you, although we know this would not be necessary as so many more are awaking to our presence and desire that we come.

The Earth and its people are going through the collapse of the old way of governing; it is no longer adequate or acceptable as you demand a new dispensation that will see people regain their sovereignty. The leaders that cannot change will be removed by one way or another, and at present you are closing in on the last Cabal and it is rapidly losing its control and power. You are used to seeing how things can snowball so quickly and that is what is happening now. The changes are unstoppable and we shall ensure that justice shall be done. Unless something shall be grounded in Light, it will never last and your history will show this to be true. Tyrants have their day, but eventually disappear and so shall those who have usurped your freedom, and have taken away your rights to justice and abundance.

I am SaLuSa of the Galactic Federation and hope my comments keep you lifted up. You are doing a wonderful job in bringing so much Light to Earth and any day now you shall see how it has brought the success you richly deserve. You have so much persistence and determination, even when the odds appear staked against you. The Forces of Light are so powerful and will still be here long after the dark have disappeared. Never waver from your path as you are destined to have your victory. We will play our part, and very soon we shall be working together in great unison, friendship and love. Until we see you, know we are sending so much love to you and we know you feel it. May the Light of the One forever find a place in your heart.

Thank you SaluSa

Mike Quinsey