St. Germain's messages


15th August, 2005


Once again you find yourselves in a critical phase as matters are coming to a head. The dark who make no secret of their intentions to expand the war in the Middle East, threaten to destabilize the whole area. This intention is by no means new, and historically you will see a pattern of manipulation and a design to bring it to its knees and make it ready it for a take over. Man has always looked to expand his influence and control, but you will know that the biggest empires on Earth have always fallen. You cannot prevent change or evolution and that is decided by greater powers than those upon Earth.


You may create the scenario in which the changes occur, but the Creator determines the ultimate goal and the outcome. It would seem to many of you that events are out of control, but this is only from your earthly perspective. In fact, there are no secrets that we are not aware of, and we clearly see the intentions of those who are the last cabal. We cannot run your lives for you, but we do influence you to take action that is the correct response to what is happening around you. We guide you, and through our messages enlighten you as to what is occurring. From that point onwards it is your responsibility to do as you see necessary, and we encourage you to work in the Light.


It may seem to some of you that we interfere, but we are allowed to bring the truth into the open because so much is hidden from you. Not only that, events are overlaid with false information and this causes much confusion. That is generally the idea, but in recent times you have become more discerning and aware of what is taking place. Now you question what you are told and are becoming adept at reading between the lines. This is the first period in modern times that you have awakened to what has been happening, and how you have been used.

Rapid communications are the key, and you have a saying that as one door shuts, another door opens. As your media has succumbed to the control of the Illuminati, so has your Internet system grown immensely and become the source of free and open reporting. This has proved to be far superior in the speed of communication because it is instantaneous. The dark would like to control it and suppress your freedom, but they also use these systems and of course they are world wide and they do not have that degree of authority.


The stage is set for a grand finale, and we do not yet have a firm grip on the tiger's tail. Some options still remain open and we allow a certain degree of the outworking to be spontaneous. However, you may be sure that we have matters totally under control and the outcome is assured. We are directing events that will bring the desired result, and your final release from the dark is very near. Then a different future will emerge, and a remarkable change will take place and the unattainable and unthinkable will occur. At last the arms of war will be laid down, and peace will reign over the planet. A great friendship will bloom between many who saw themselves on the opposite sides to each other. Most importantly there will be a return to trust and honesty in people's dealings with each other. Open governance will become normal, and you the people will be very much involved.


What you are looking at is a future that is a true reflection of what you really are, and that is Beings of Love and Light. There is nothing more natural to you and you will adapt to the new ways of thinking and action. You will be surprised how quickly people can change given the opportunity. Up until now, you have been brainwashed into believing you are lesser beings than you really are, and had the power of decision making taken from you. You have been made subservient to the will of those who have ruled for millennia of time. Now you are breaking out of their clutches and beginning to realize that you are Sovereign Beings. In the eyes of God you are all equal, and it is only Man who has introduced a system of class and distinction.


You have not tasted true freedom yet, but that is soon to change and wonderful energies will abound upon Earth. There will be a cleansing and a lifting up into higher vibrations, and many will recognize the Light within themselves. Your lives have been spent trying to find your real selves, but soon this search will be over. We tell you many times how great you are and that you were always Angels who will ascend in your physical bodies. You will still be you, but with a total realization of your Godself. You lose nothing and gain everything to become once again majestic Beings whose rightful place is in the higher realms.


I am St. Germain, and I know that at this present time you may not feel the reality of your true self, because you have dropped into the lower vibrations and lost touch. Yet, you only have to think for a moment from whence you originally came, to know that you are more than your physical body. However, what you do know is that the Earth and the lower dimensions are not your true home. You have always had an inner urge to search for something that seemed illusive, yet be unable to find it. That search is nearly over as you enter the final phase of your physical existence. I remind you that we are all One, and I am you and you are me, and we exist in the great Love of the Creator. Love is All there Is.



St. Germain recieved by Mike Quinsey.