Sananda's message

October 1st, 2004

This is Sananda speaking on the beautiful energies coming forth this Friday in the beginning of the new energy paradigm this coming month.

These energies are like a wave for all to ride on. These energies are part of your playing ground. They are indeed infused with love and laughter, light and lightness of being so all are able to become like children so all can enter the kingdom of light.

In time this month you will see adults acts like children. Don?t stare when you see the child coming forth in these serious adults. The very nature of children?s energy, innocent, trusty in the universe and trusty in life and its splendor is very profound in its originals. So adults have the opportunity to connect with their inner child, to feel the playfulness of the child in them. What a wonder will it be when all see life again as a wonder, as it was and always is. Life is a wonder in being, is God in being. Playfulness and being part of a playful creation is the wonder of life. Life was never meant to be a dull, boring existence for you.

With the lighthearted energy pouring in the next month, you will have lots of opportunities to clear old heavy energy and energy patterns. These energies will play the main topic of the coming month. Clearing them, releasing them will give way to the child in you. So grant yourself and your loved ones play time together, share the joy and wonder of a fresh world, a fresh feeling inside you when you have cleaned your inner space. You can also see the fear based programming in your daily life. You can also see the way of avoiding responsibility for ones own awaking or becoming more aware of what you do, live, want in life. It is very good to have these energies before the elections (which will be manipulated again) in the States. The elections have to be manipulated otherwise no one will ever wake up in the Country of God, or God?s own country. The country isn?t God?s country anymore, for all have lost to see the God in themselves and in others. It is the country of money. Just see what the children will do in the adults when they have passed the test of fear, and the uprising of old patterns. With the big opportunity for clearing on a daily bases with the speed of a racing car, people have the opportunity to look in the eyes of fear and see nothing, or look at the distinction of the clothes, the faces and the money air smelling from afar, and be overwhelmed with the illusion of power.

It is time to go hand in hand with the inner child, pass the labyrinth of fear into the wonder of a new foreign inner country of your own being. See what lies underneath the fear, see the beauty in yourself. See it in your loved ones. Remind each other that fear is an illusion to keep you from yourself. Don?t let the fear and pain be your guidance in this coming month, you are far more then the picture fear and pain are giving you. Look behind the mirror. Your nature of being has the powers to look behind the mirror, to look behind the veils, to look behind the illusions. Give yourself the permission to look, fear not. With every daring attempt of you, you are assisted by Angels and the Ascended Masters. Your spiritual family is waiting for you at the other side of the veil. So when you see fear, expect big hugs and kisses when you?ve surpassed the illusion and see the real world of love awaiting for you inside yourself.

It all started with a child. And yes, the story of the child continues. Now you can?t talk about the Christ child anymore. It is the child inside you, the birth of the fearless, trusting, enjoying life child in yourself. This daring child in you knows what to do with its connection to the source, the beginning of all existence in working order, in knowing what to be and to do to become the master of infinitive creativity. Creation is creative, and you are masters of creation.

With your inner child in your arms, your connection to the source running and playing inside you, your soul as your guidance, you are well prepared for the next step into the light of your own being and the splendor of the next phase of being upon your world.

Enjoy the latest uprising of fear, see the threat becoming weaker in the coming month. Enjoy your victory, when you choose for it. And see the victory throughout the world.

I kiss you all goodbye with a kiss upon your third eye, to awake and fine tune this device of seeing the God in all. Enjoy the coming month as the playing field it is.

With love and blessings for all,