St. Germain's messages


23rd May, 2005

At present each day seems very much like the previous ones, both on an individual basis and for Humanity at large. Yet one day in your life is such a small part in the overall picture. It is the continuity of life that is important, and to this end there are a whole series of happenings that at first glance are quite independent of each other. The fact is that every one of you is contributing to the whole, which is therefore very fluid and changeable. From your particular point of reference, it is not possible to know exactly what is taking place in the total consciousness. This is why you now have regular updates from the Hierarchy and many higher sources. This happens all over your world, but for obvious reasons the focus always seem to be on America because of its important role at this time.

Messages are given out in all shapes and sizes, and the important aspect is the energy that it carries. You will be drawn to an energy that resonates with your own, and you will find yourself at ease accepting what you are given. Some Dear Ones aspire to be messengers, and successfully bring through information, but you have to be discerning as it can come from all different levels. Where the ego is involved, the lesser contacts or those of the dark will seize the opportunity to confuse you and this is of course their purpose. Your option is to "feel" the message and note the way information is presented. If it is harsh and fearful, then it is certainly not from the highest sources.

Your difficulty at any time is sorting out all of the different aspects that are covered by messages. This is particularly so in the case of those that are in the nature of a prediction. Sometimes there will actually appear to be a conflict of interests, but bear in mind that not every channel can relay exactly what is being given. To some extent, every channel will color their messages in some way that depicts their own personality. There is also a difficulty that arises from information appertaining to the different realities. Bear in mind that not everyone is destined to follow the same one.

There are a number of realities that run side by side, so find the messages that clearly relate to the one you associate with and safely ignore the rest. At this time, messages are more focused on the events that are paramount to your immediate future. The spiritual teachings within them are informative, but are not the main reason for them being given. The emphasis is on preparing you for the imminent changes so that you know what to expect, and accordingly can contribute to their manifestation. It is a case of all hands on deck at present, and every one of you can tilt the scales through positive thought.

We know that you get tired and frustrated at the continual lifting of your hopes only to find that there is yet another delay. That unfortunately is the nature of the times we are in, as there is a vital battle being played out between the Light and the dark. You are in the ascendancy, and the dark will not accept that the outcome will go against them. However, as the Light grows so the dark cannot keep their hold on things as before. They are becoming fragmented, and even within their own ranks cannot agree what to do. For the forces of Light, the Galactic Federation, play a major part in preventing the attempts of the dark to bring further chaos into being. There is a battle of wills going on, and there is no way that the Light will concede an inch to the dark.

Your leaders speak of freedom and sovereignty, but this is far from their minds as they plan on taking these away from you. Our function and that of Lightworkers is to keep hold of what we still have and not allow it to be further eroded. This is achieved mainly through political activists, and the voice of the people which is heard in spite of attempts to keep it muted. There is a time coming soon when your media will be forced to report the truth of matters that they currently ignore. They are failing in their duty to run a free Press because of the suffocating political bias that exists at present.

Eventually the dark will always be the precursor of their downfall and the break up is taking place now. There is a great pressure on those who would take control of you, and they try to rush through legislation to empower themselves further. I tell you that they have over-reached themselves, and are on the slippery slope to failure. Not that in reality they could have ever establish their rule such as they envisaged. Karma has allowed them to show you the darkside of life and where it can lead, but never intended to completely take you over.

Dear Ones, you must tire of hearing that the changes are so near, but that is how it is. They will manifest, and once that trigger is reached that allows the first action to be completed, the rest will occur with amazing speed. Everything that is required to bring these events into being is in place. It is the outer events that are presently dictating when the great time arrives, and these situations do change many times each day. Realize there is a massive plan being brought to fruition, and it must come out in a way that is quickly accepted by people in general. It is different for you who are in the know, so remember that the majority are very much unaware of what is about to take place. This is where the work of the Lightworkers is so important, and is very much appreciated by those on my side.

I am St. Germain, and assure you as always that all is well. The Light is shining strongly upon the Earth, and the Mother Gaia is able to moderate her activity to lessen the impact of her changes. She is helped by the Masters and the Galactic Federation and there is a great force working with her. The Forces of Light are now the dominant force, and you will see that outcome as the victory you have been promised. There is a great Love outpouring upon Earth, and you are bringing it to yourself through your own vibrations of Light. I say well done and keep your focus as always upon your goal.


St. Germain recieved by Mike Quinsey.