St. Germain's messages

2nd of December 2004

The three-fold Flame of Manifestation.

My dear ones, there is coming a new day in the world of earth, and in the lives of all who live on earth. During these times it is imperative that we all keep a flame in our hearts and an understanding of the times. I AM St Germain, and I wish to discuss with you that three-fold flame that has served to keep the motives of love intact, and the outcome of the purity of intent manifesting.

In these times, there is a great deal of consternation concerning the events of the world. Never in the history of planet earth has there been as much allowance of travesties, and such public outcry waiting to be realized. Take care within yourselves to herald the times and a beckoning to the New Golden Age. Take care within your everyday lives to follow a path of self- justification in everything you do. It is a heavy burden that is being felt by all those who are aware of the events taking place across the globe. I suggest to you who are bearing the burden of sorrow to release it from your field, and replace it instead with a compassionate love for all of mankind. There is a cleansing that can take place with the three-fold flame of truth, and with this you can find the center that tells you that these ones who are giving up their lives, are doing so because of their vast love for all of humanity.

Within the three-fold flame lies the symbology for the love of the Creator. First is the flame of violet; this is the truth of the energy that is The Creator. Second is the flame of silver; this flame represents the knowledge that is moving all of intelligence in the path of intent. The third flame is the one that gives us all the expression of love, and that is the flame of gold. Within this flame lies the promise of the manifestation of the intent.

How can you utilize this three-fold flame in dealing with the situation in the world? My dear ones, it is simply a matter of knowing who you are in the name of love, and expressing that love and the intent born of that love, and then seeing it manifest in your world. The world is yours, my dear ones, and in it you are expressing that which you know to be the path that you have chosen. Your knowledge is inherent within you, and in keeping with the traditions of your intellect, you are expressing the essence of your purpose. Consciously, this may not look like what you would wish, for you search your heart for something to do that can change the situations that sorrow you. This, my dear ones is the blockage. With the utilization of the three-fold flame, you can come to an acceptance of what is, and allow the occurrences that will come from this acceptance.

I suggest an exercise for you. Take a few moments, and sit and meditate with the intent to bring to your inner vision this three-fold flame. When it is fully in your vision, and you are experiencing it as part of you, feel the power of the flame. Know that you are the flame, and that each part of it is an appendage of you. Then reach out with the first flame that comes out to you, and send that flame to the situation that you choose. Know that the flame is bearing your signature, and that it carries with it a message of love and truth. Then project your acceptance of the situation, and allow what takes place to stir emotions of love within you. Do this with each flame, experiencing the result each time fully. Upon completion of those three steps, then incorporate the oneness of the three-fold flame, and follow the same procedure, one more time. Experience fully what the exercise tells you, and do not censor it. Allow the message to be your own, and see it guide you through your next days and weeks. You may find that it brings you to a new strength of purpose, and an acceptance of all that is in your life.

Throughout eternity there has always been some resistance to what is. This is inherent in the swing of the pendulum; it creates movement and intent. With this formula for what is there is a major shift taking place in Creation today. When the resistance is met with acceptance, there is a flow that is allowed to perpetuate the original intent, and this brings about what some call Nirvana. Without the resistance there would not be the experience of that which is being created. It is as if God is taking a break, a cosmic breath in which He surveys what She has created. This is what is taking place on earth, has been for all these eons of this great plan that we have all been engaged in. When creation comes into being, it is there in its entirety, therefore the situation and the solution are one, complete unto itself. The only thing that creates the seeming separation is the observation of it.

My dear ones, please take a moment in this cosmic puzzle, and see what it looks like. See your role, and see the perceived role of others. Then see the whole and be thankful for the entirety, for it is your creation. Know that you are bearers of the truth, and that you are on the threshold of a whole new paradigm that is the result of all that is taking place. I leave this communication now, and I see that you all are perfect three-fold flame bearers, and I bless the moves that you make in every moment.

Master St Germain.

(Via Nancy Tate)