St. Germain

6 September 2004
LIGHTWORK: History of St Germain


The post below is a summary of some facts about St Germain. Also you can
read channelings of many of the lightworker links in our group links
section. Often you can read the channeling of St. Germain by both Nancy
Tate and Mike Quinsey on, or on the Summit,, etc.

I have channeled St. Germain as the embodiment of Merlin, and to say he
is beyond eloquent in his speech, is understatement. To feel the channel
of Merlin, is a deeper reach to link and is pure delight, is deep, comprehensive, an intelligent trickster, a complex tapestry with
beautifully woven words - ideas as art, more like a flowery Bengali poem
or the silence that permeates a great man sitting in silence in a park.
Also to ask questions he receives you with a grace, expects you to think
and will challenge your thinking and all, all, with a silent love. You
never forget St. Germain...this energy, in whatever form it is. I am a
fan, needless to say. He is compelling and, while seeing the grand picture
of life, never forgets the most minute beauty of being.

He is the Angel Deva of the Violet Flame and activates the legions of
angels. There are pictures of him and the various masters noted in the
post below to be found in our lightworkers folder of the group photo
section. In every embodiment, St. Germain is eloquent, his subtle
refinement is a delightful reflection of the nuances of alchemy, also of
which he is a great master and which demonstrates his oneness with Creation.

There is a path of light that spreads from a great chohan and creates a
desire in people join in oneness, and to experience I AM and to activate
the sacred heart. There are beings who speak and lecture through history,
but fewer who also create action around a desire and embody a higher path...
in St. Germain, there is endless inspiration that lifts you to truest
freedom and remembering.

In Deepest Gratitude to our Father of Freedom,
Moderator, BridgeofOneness


SAINT GERMAIN´s Cosmic Name is "FREEDOM". He is the Cosmic Father
of the people of America.

SAINT GERMAIN´s work for the freedom of mankind began in that
civilization seventy thousand years ago; when a whole civilization
could have been raised into the ASCENSION had they continued to give
obedience instead of becoming rebellious (particularly in their

He with beloved LADY MASTER NADA have brought many civilizations to
their height.

His work has been much more concerned with the human and physical
realm than that of the other Masters. He worked for two hundred
years in AMERICA before definite results began to manifest. This
was brought about through the activity of the "I AM" Instructions;
which important work has been the protection, purification and
enlightenment of the people especially in America; and the
purification of the Beings of the elements. Saint Germain took the
responsibility for the students whether they gave obedience or not.
When an ASCENDED MASTER does that and the necessary obedience is
not given then He has to make up for that and give a balance to the
great Law through application and Cosmic service, at inner levels.

SAINT GERMAIN was KING of that great civilization SEVENTY THOUSAND
YEARS ago, where we find the SAHARA DESERT today. He possessed all
the powers of a "MASTER" and could have made the Ascension as far
as qualification goes. Some have wanted to know why He did not make
the ASCENSION then when He had attained to such great heights.
There is a very definite reason. He did not, so that he could
embody again and again in order to hold a closer contact with the
mankind of EARTH. In this way He could accomplish things required
for mankind's freedom in the future, since having a physical body
gave Him a connection and authority which He would not have in the
Ascended State. He retained continuity of consciousness from one
embodiment to the next since that civilization seventy thousand
years ago.

The term "UNCLE SAM" really refers to SAINT GERMAIN who instigated
the establishment of our government. It was said that the term comes
from a former embodiment when He was PROPHET SAMUEL, about eleventh
century BC.

SAINT GERMAIN was JOSEPH and with MARY prepared the way for JESUS.
He was an ESSENE and knowing the mission of JESUS did some
preparatory work among the disciples unbeknown to them, before
they met JESUS. SAINT GERMAIN as JOSEPH was a very good example of
the "Father" JESUS was to externalize through physical form and He
was the ideal to JESUS in His childhood until He made the contact
with LORD MAITREYA. At the time of His passing (which was an easy
one) He determined to give assistance to all to make their "passing
easy"; for the animals as well as human beings.

SAINT GERMAIN was SAINT ALBAN born in the third century in ENGLAND
presumably at the place of the present ST. ALBAN. He was martyred
about 303 during the persecution and later canonized by the Church.

He was the Greek philosopher PROCLUS (411-485). This name became
famous in after life. He composed hymns, embraced all religions and
endeavored to unite all philosophies. He had a school in Athens, but
he also traveled, studied and taught the various religions.

He was MERLIN the magician of KING ARTHUR´s Court (in ENGLAND,
fifth and sixth centuries).

Another embodiment of his was as ROGER BACON (1211 or 1214 to
1294) born at ILCHESTER, an English monk and philosopher, claimed
by some to have been the greatest intellect which has arisen in
ENGLAND. He was a student of nature who was more physician than
chemist, a scientist, and made many discoveries along this line
in this lifetime as well as in many other embodiments, as he
saw the need for the use of these things to benefit mankind. He
studied at Oxford and then at PARIS; there he received the degree
of doctor of theology, then returned to OXFORD. He became known as a
father of science. He was known as the first naturalist by the
FRANCISCAN ORDER to which he belonged. He invented the spectacles,
achromatic lenses and constructed the telescope; he did much
experimental work and produced gunpowder which has been so greatly
misused. He was one of the few astronomers of the time; he was
responsible for the rectification of the Julian calendar. He was
known as a magician and intensely interested in alchemy
(transmutation) and in producing an elixir to prolong life. He
wrote OPUS MAJUS which was an encyclopedia of all sciences and
for which he was persecuted.

Then as CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUTZ of GERMANY in the fourteenth century
he was sent to a monastery when only five years of age. He became
a monk with real occult and spiritual knowledge. He journeyed
through various countries and when only sixteen he came in contact
with the wise men of DAMCAR in ARABIA who received him as one they
had long expected. He learned Arabic while there and translated a
secret book into Latin, later he brought it to EUROPE. He went to
EGYPT after that and was welcomed by the Egyptian Brotherhood of
the Great White Brotherhood (probably at LUXOR) to which he had
belonged in past lives. He went through the initiations there.
Then ROSENKREUTZ returned to GERMANY and founded the Order of
the "ROSY CROSS", of which ROSICRUCIAN is an offspring. The Order
consisted of only around thirty or forty members but it did form
a school or focus for the secret mysteries and occult knowledge
of the Great White Brotherhood in EUROPE which gave a direct
connection with the Retreat.

It was said that Saint Germain was JOHN HUNYADI who was a great
Adept born in TRANSYLVANIA, HUNGARY, in the early part of the
fifteenth century (about 1387-1456).

tremendous perseverance in that lifetime. History tells us he
discovered AMERICA in 1492, but it is claimed that was not his
first trip to this land. COLUMBUS was a learned, cultured and
talented person, a nobleman and not a beggar. He obtained much
navigation information from the courts of Europe, particularly
SPAIN and ENGLAND. Some of COLUMBUS's cryptic writings are still
in existence which definitely bear out these facts. It was said
from this time on Saint Germain was in embodiment continuously.

PARACELSUS (1493-1541 Encyclopedia dates) ' a Swiss chemist,
physician and theosophist, was born near Zurich. He assumed the
father the rudiments of medicine, astrology and alchemy. He
traveled over most parts of Europe, performed some healings
and claimed to have discovered an elixir that would prolong life.
He had an immense reputation in physics and surgery. His doctrine
was that chemistry was to prepare medicines and not to make gold.
It is claimed he was interested in that secret book translated by


(Here there may seem to be a discrepancy because dates stated
according to history overlap. We were told by the ASCENDED MASTERS
that dates were not always correct as given in history and the
outer world, therefore they may not always correspond with certain
information given by the MASTERS, Who can read the etheric records,
but historians only form conclusions from hearsay and outer means
of acquiring information. In addition to the possibility of dates
not being accurate there is an action of the inner law that a
lifestream of great development, can manipulate such an event.
The intricacy of that phase of the law cannot be given here.)

There is mention made of SAINT GERMAIN having a short embodiment
before that of FRANCIS BACON. He was to have come to America as
a boy, with DE SOTO and lived on the WISSAHICKON RIVER in

SAINT GERMAIN´s last embodiment was that of FRANCIS BACON
(1561-1684) a philosopher and English writer. He was the son
of QUEEN ELIZABETH and rightful heir to the throne, this he was
denied by the actions of his own mother. He wrote various books
and articles under several different names, including plays by
Shakespeare. A cipher code runs through these writings relating
his real identity and the intrigue in court which prevented him
from getting the right to the throne by which he had hoped to
form a United States in Europe. Could this have been done there
would have been no war there since. JAMES I became king, instead.
He misused government funds, but FRANCIS BACON, holding the
accounts of ENGLAND, took the blame for the wrong committed, to
save the king and country.

BACON used his plays and writings to influence the constituting
of the English language of today. He supervised and edited the
authorized version of THE BIBLE(then being translated) which
was directed by KING JAMES. BACON's great work the NOVUM ORGANUM
(written in Latin) led the way to the development of modern
inductive Logic. This was the second instrument of thought, the
first was Aristotle's Organon and the third is Ouspenski's Tertium

It is believed by some that he passed on in 1626. He let it appear
that way and attended his own funeral in a woman's garb, but he did
not leave the earth plane til May 1, 1684.

He went from England to the Rakoczy mansion in Transylsvania and
ascended on the Freedom Flame there into His eternal victory. THE
GODDESS OF LIBERTY was the first One to meet Him on the other side.
He then went into the Great Silence for some time.

He was known as PRINCE RAKOCZY of Transylvania and took many
embodiments in that part of the world thereby drawing and
establishing the Freedom Flame there. When he had passed the
initiation whereby he was made the focus of the Freedom Flame
to Earth he first embodied as a shepherd boy in Transylvania. He,
then, for centuries, in each succeeding lifetime intensified and
expanded that Flame.

The MASTER "R", known to us now as THE DIVINE DIRECTOR was his
teacher and mentor and over-shadowed or en-folded him in His
(Divine Director's) Cosmic Flame; as it was done in the case of
MAITREYA with the Master JESUS.

The Master SAINT GERMAIN appeared again in EUROPE and was known
there during the time from 1710 to 1822, particularly. He appeared
in His visible, tangible body in the various countries under
various names. He kept close connections with influential people
in these countries. He was known as COMTE DE SAINT GERMAIN in
VENICE, as PRINCE RAKOCZY at DRESDEN and by other names at
different places. He was considered very wealthy and no one
could determine from whence His wealth came.

It is not generally known that He was an Ascended Being at that
time, which explains how He could so easily perform those
super-human feats; and why He did not partake of food. Being
Ascended He was there-fore complete master over physical matter.
He could appear in more than one place at the same time, he did
not have to rely on outer world transportation and could
precipitate whatever jewels, ornamentation and such like that
He wished. His reason for exhibiting uch wealth was for
influential purposes, as that did impress them as nothing else

He called Himself SAINT GERMAN (SANCTUS GERMANUS which means
holy brother). He would know what letters or newspapers contained
without reading them. He could speak any language perfectly. He
refused to accept any presents or benefits. He influenced the
lives of many famous persons and people in governmental positions.
He played a great part in the political world in AMERICA as well
as in EUROPE during the eighteenth century. The original system of
secret diplomacy as instigated by Him.

SAINT GERMAIN was personally known by the French kings, LOUIS XV
and LOUIS XVI, and Queen MARIE ANTOINETTE. Had they heeded His
advice it would have saved their and many others their lives
during the French Revolution. Saint Germain told us in the latter
nineteen-thirties that MARIE ANTOINETTE was at that time good at
heart but did not withstand the influence at court; that she was
in embodiment gain in France and that He would see that she was
brought in contact with this instruction.

SAINT GERMAIN was known by and worked with others in the French
court, including Count ROCHAMBEAU. It is evident that the French
expedition to AERFRZ during the Revolutionary War in AMERICA and
the appointment of General ROCHAMBEAU as its commander all came
about through SAINT GERMAIN´s influence.

He gave the elixir of life to several people which re-stored
youth and beauty to them. He would write two different topics
one with each hand, at the same time. He instructed and assisted
Mesmer in his work, was known by CAGLIOSTRO, He exhibited alchemy
to CASANOVA and assisted CHARLES of HESSE in the study of the
secret science.

SAINT GERMAIN influenced the founding of many secret societies
in various places, such as the ROSICRUCIANS, KNIGHTS TEMPLAR,
all coming under the ceremonial ray.

NAPOLEON knew SAINT GERMAIN intimately, Who taught and trained
him and was the power behind him as long as he gave obedience.
SAINT GERMAIN had to withdraw when NAPOLEON claimed the power as
his own; and at that point is where his failure began. SAINT
GERMAIN expected to make a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE through him,
but again His efforts failed because of human weakness. Saint
Germain was a friend of FREDERICK the GREAT and had a hand in
placing Catherine the Great upon the throne of Russia. He was
known by VON STEUBEN and influenced him to come to AMERICA.
LINCOLN later. They knew Him but they did not know He was an
Ascended Being. He was the One (the unknown visitor) Who fired
the patriots, Who swayed THE SIGNERS OF THE DECLARATION OF
INDEPENDENCE into signing the document; Whom they could not
find afterwards, although the doors were locked and a man on
guard. He was the inspiration and power behind the bringing
THE MAGNA CARTA OF ENGLAND. It was through His endeavors that

His reputation in EUROPE was so great that even today there are
people there who will bow at the mention of His name.

He was a power behind the building of trains, rail-roads,
steamboats, airplanes and suspension bridges, most of which
he had predicted as ROGER BACON.

He was also a friend of the writer BULWER LYTTON and evidently
influential in his writings. The inspiration to produce the
passion play every ten years by the people of Oberammergau came
from Him.

SAINT GERMAIN was responsible for the culture in THE COURT OF
FRANCE and that of THE COLONIAL DAYS. He was also responsible
for the lovely AUSTRIAN MUSIC and much of the VENETIAN MUSIC. He
inspired musicians such as CHOPIN, TCHAIKOWSKY and especially
JOHANN STRAUSS to write those WALTZES which are the music of

When he ceased working in EUROPE in the tangible form He said He
would again be seen in eighty-five years which was around the time

SAINT GERMAIN was raised up and given the ASCENSION by SANAT KUMARA.

KWAN YIN was holding), around one hundred years after His
Ascension. This was after His work at THE COURT OF FRANCE and
other parts of EUROPE, and after AMERICA's freedom, during which
time He worked so much and closely in the physical realm. When He
assumed the office of CHOHAN His service became Cosmic and He was
no longer permitted to work in such close personal contact as
before except with NAPOLEON.

SAINT GERMAIN endeavored at the court of FRANCE and in other
parts of EUROPE to prove to the outer consciousness of the people
through phenomena the inner powers and the power within themselves.
He decided then that no longer would He attempt in that way to
reach the hearts of mankind but He would employ another method.
That He would use the means of instruction based on logic and
common sense with radiation for the conviction of the instruction
given; especially to people more interested in "works" than in

SAINT GERMAIN was not so active in THEOSOPHY, but instead He was
building a momentum at inner levels and making preparation for
the time when He would focus His ray in action in the outer again.
This He did in the early nineteen-thirties through THE I AM ACTIVITY.

His work with mankind has been very great and through all of that
He has developed much patience with the people of EARTH. We know
little of what He went through to gain His eternal Freedom. It was
far greater than what any of mankind have to encounter today.
Therefore, He had the wisdom, strength and courage to bring forth
the I AM Instruction and accomplished (in a few years) what none
other was able to do.

TEMPLE OF VIOLET FLAME on ATLANTIS. He then received training at
inner levels (both while in embodiment and in between embodiments),
in divine alchemy in ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL's TEMPLES over CUBA through
the centuries after the sinking of ATLANTIS; until He qualified
to become guardian of THE VIOLET FLAME and THE CHOHAN OF THE

SAINT GERMAIN has worked for twelve thousand years hoping to bring
forth a nation of ASCENDED MASTERS. He was able to precipitate
hundreds of years before His Ascension. He said that He operated
the law a long time before that "Great I AM Presence" was revealed
to Him.

We were informed on December 21, 1937, that SAINT GERMAIN and
Others of the ASCENDED MASTERS had walked the streets of some of
our cities in Their tangible Bodies to give the needed protection
through radiation. He said June 4, 1939, that He would move about
week for the following six months.

SAINT GERMAIN had to wait a long time for THE GODDESS OF JUSTICE
(His Twin Ray) because She had ascended long before and had entered
THE GREAT SILENCE. She came forth in nineteen thirty-nine to assist
Him in His work.

To secure dispensations beloved Saint Germain took the
responsibility for the students, particularly, and for mankind.

SAINT GERMAIN WAS CROWNED May 1, 1954, and officially assumed the
responsibilities as THE DIRECTOR OF THE NEW CYCLE of two thousand
years on THE SEVENTH RAY, and thus the initial pulsation flowed
forth. This CORONATION gave Him the authority to increase an
understanding of the presence and power of the VIOLET RAY and
FLAME as well as that of FREEDOM. JESUS held this position for
the past two thousand years on the SIXTH RAY; SAINT GERMAIN will
now complete the work JESUS started.

SAINT GERMAIN also works as an Angel Deva, an Angel Deva of the
Violet Flame, and has Legions of Angels under His direction. He

works, directing light rays in His service to EARTH. THE CAVE OF

An outstanding quality of His is enthusiasm for the Light.

He is about six feet one inch in height, has brown eyes and
wavy brown hair. A fragrance He uses is that of violets. The
electronic pattern of His lifestream is the MALTESE CROSS.

All great foundations start with one stone - that jeweled stone

"The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart"