Rubayat mission statement

 Adopted July 1984 for the millennium.




Establishing new paradigms of affluent being for all in living, world affairs and business.


Shifting personal and global consciousness to promote this new vision with creativity and manifest abundance.


“Ageless wisdom” re-established and related today to business, governance, science, education and life.


Carrying out the design of the universal masters for the coming millennial golden age.


Exercising loving teamwork with the masters, with extraterrestrials and with ourselves of mutual goodwill throughout this precious world in its alignment with parallel universes.


Not about money, only about what money can do.


Not about investing, but about custodianship of the divine abundance being gifted to us as money.


Sharing the new affluence more evenly and widely throughout this world.


Distributing these resources where the heart dictates and wisdom directs.


Entering the adventure of a 3D world game which has no losers.


Supporting humanitarian, educational, artistic and spiritual projects that will be well done.


Helping to restructure in the light the prevalent negative power structures.


Healing the world’s deep hurts with fitting ecological and social vision.


Caring by facilitating both personal and global humankind’s wellness, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Eventually establishing an ecologically friendly, humanistically fair and honest world wide bank.


Awakening the natural goodness of soul as everyone’s willing, personal responsibility.


Promoting for everyone in love the desire for living a joyfulness of being, for truly


Life can be magical.